La Manchette Sainte Chapelle Tutorial

    Built the heart of the Palais de la Cité. in the middle of the 13th century by Louis 9th, the Sainte Chapelle was built as a royal residence. A sumptuous intimate chapel within the residence was intended to house precious Christian relics, including Christ's crown of thorns, acquired by Saint Louis. 

    Stunning stained glass windows adorn the beautiful chapel. Arranged across 15 windows, each 15 metres high, the stained glass panes depict 1,113 scenes from the Old and New Testaments recounting the history of the world until the arrival of the relics in Paris.

    Today, the architecture and famous glass windows of the Sainte Chapelle represent a major example of the Radiant Gothic period.

    La Manchette Sainte Chapelle is created to honour these beautiful stained glass windows. Cubic right angle weave units form the frame of these “windows” with pointed peaks at each end of the frame to reflect the time honoured shape of these windows. Beautiful back lit cabochons that mimic the light through stained glass are encircled with exquisite twinkling firepolished beads, fill the space within the frames just like the beautiful windows of Sainte Chapelle.

  • Dimensions

    Length : 20.2 cm (7.8")
    Width : 5 cm (2")

  • Technique

    Cubic Right Angle Weave

  • Difficulty



    Seed Beads
    Miyuki Spacers or Toho Demis
    Czech Baroque Cabochons
    6-Ring Clasp

La Manchette Sainte Chapelle eTutorial

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