The Horned Necklace Tutorial

    The Horned Necklace is a 3-dimensional self-supporting pendant suspended from herringbone rope sections.

    Beautiful backlit glass cabochons are bezelled with tiny seed beads. Gradual increases in bead count create “horns” that rise from the mid-section of the pendant. It is then topped by another bezelled cabochon to make it fully reversible.

    Sections of herringbone rope are linked with double sided connectors that twinkle in the light to form a pliable, elegant rope.

  • Dimensions

    Inside Circumference : 86 cm (38")
    Pendant & Bail Height : 7 cm (2.75")

  • Technique


  • Difficulty



    Seed Beads
    Swarovski Crystal Pearls
    Czech Baroque Cabochons
    Czech Cabochons

The Horned Necklace eTutorial

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