Herringbone Helios Collier Tutorial

    Two beautiful components make this dramatic necklace – the beautiful Swarovski Helios crystal and 3 similar yet different herringbone ropes.

    The rich colours of the ropes complement the deep and mysterious colours of the sparkling crystal. Tiny, delicate and sweet little magatama beads are woven into some of the ropes giving them a beautiful tactile feel and texture. Simply suspended from these ropes is a herringbone bail embellished with magatamas. The beauty of the simply yet precisely cut crystal is shown in all its glory.

    Dramatic, glamorous, bold and sophisticated.
    This collier is definitely for the woman who is not afraid to be seen.

    This project is a great way for a novice to learn a new stitch resulting in a very beautiful and substantive piece. Yet complex enough to intrigue and fascinate a seasoned beader.

  • Dimensions

    Inner Circumference : Up to 48 cm (18.9")

  • Technique


  • Difficulty



    Japanese Seed Beads
    Swarovski Helios Crystal
    Toho MagatmaClasp
    Wire Guardians (Optional)

Herringbone Helios Collier Tutorial Booklet

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