The Chatelaine's Heirloom Workshop Materails Kit Col Bronze/Turquoise

    The Chatelaine is the mistress of a castle or a large and elegant household. It would not be surprising that she would have among her possessions many beautiful jewels and trinkets befitting her station in life. Passed from generations to generations these trinkets would be valuable heirlooms. The Chatelaine’s Heirloom is a self-supporting hollow 3D vessel. Little beads woven into a series of little cubes that form the core supporting spokes. These spokes hide a second colour embellishment on the inside giving it its exquisite jewel tones. An embellished “waist” of crystals further gives the vessel a sense of luxury and its jewel appearance. More crystals embellish both the top and end points of the vessel. The vessel is further suspended from a richly embellished rope echoing the same jewel tones. In lieu of a bail, the rope terminates with a crystal orb at each end. The ends are then attached to the vessel itself to become another accent to the whole.
  • Dimensions

    Internal Diameter : 80 cm (15.75")Pendant : 9 cm (H) x 4 cm (W)

  • Technique

    Right Angle WeavePrismatic Right Angle Weave

  • Difficulty



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The Chatelaine's Heirloom Workshop Materails Kit Col Bronze/Turquoise

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