Medallion Of Hearts

    Glittering and sparkling, a circle of 8 hearts radiate from the center of the pendant giving this piece its name.

    The lacy ring of hearts lie on top of an equally sparkling crystal. Embracing this ring of hearts is a beautifully woven cubic right angle weave bezel. To ensure there is an even more sparkle the side of the bezel revels a rings of twinkling Czech firepolisedh beads.

    The rope is cubic right angle weave with double cubic right angle weave accents woven with delicious tiny firepolished beads.

    Definitely a statement piece for the bling aficionado.

    Additional glass rhinestones are available here

  • Dimensions

    Necklace Length : Up to 80cm (31.5")
    Pendant Height : 6.5cm (2.5")
    Pendant Width : 4.5cm (1.75")

  • Technique

    Japanese Seed Beads
    35mm Swarovski Crystals or Glass Rhinestone
    Czech Druks
    Czech Firepolish

  • Difficulty



    Japanese Seed Beads
    Swarovski Crystals or Glass Rhinestone
    Swarovski Pearls
    Cubic Zirconia Clasp