Drina Victoria

Drina Victoria

    Alexandrina Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Empress of India, the second longest serving British monarch, is a woman so well-loved and regarded that she created a whole fashion movement all on her own. Many attribute the tradition of brides wearing white on their wedding day to this fashionable sovereign.

    During her rule, a middle class began to emerge, sparking a demand for jewellery for the mass market. Jewels that paid homage to the ornate, decorated and rich style that the Queen herself worn, first in rich luxurious colourful jewels and later in life, after the death of her beloved Albert, in all black.

    What however is little known is that the Queen was not called Victoria at all but the affectionate Drina. It was only upon her coronation that she became known as Victoria. And this necklace is a tribute to the girl princess who was never destined to be the ruler of the kingdom but ultimately became the Queen and Empress.

    Drina Victoria is an über feminine necklace that curved gently below your collar bone. Little cabochons embellish the necklace while glittering Swarovski crystals are bezelled and hung gracefully to form little orbs of sparkle glittering gently on your décolletage.

  • Dimensions

    Inner Circumference : 48 cm (18.75")

  • Technique

    Prismatic Right Angle Weave
    Cubic Right Angle Weave

  • Difficulty



    Japanese Seed Beads
    Swarovski Crystals
    Czech Firepolished
    Czech 2-Hole Cabochon
    Magnetic Clasp


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