The Chatelaine's Heirloom Virtual Class Group 1 (SOLD OUT)

The Chatelaine's Heirloom Virtual Class Group 1 (SOLD OUT)

    This listing is for one virtual beading class held over Zoom.

    The price covers the class, kit and shipping in the US and Singapore.
    The class is only available as a bundle.

    All kits will be shipped from 20 September 2020.

    Students outside of US and Singapore
    If you are from outside of the US and Singapore, please note that I cannot guarantee that the kit will arrive in time for the class. Right now depending on where you are, shipping can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for delivery. If you would like to ensure that you receive the kit on time, please contact me for alternative shipping options. Additional shipping charges will apply.

    Date & Time
    This class will be run over 2 sessions on the following days and times and will run for 3 hours each day :

    Australia, EU, Singapore, UK
    Sunday 4 October 2020 and
    Monday 5 October 2020

    Australia (AEST) 10:00 (10am)
    Central EU 02:00 (2am)
    Singapore 08:00 (8am)
    UK 01:00 (1am)

    Saturday 3 October 2020 and
    Sunday 4 October 2020

    USA/Canada (EST) 20:00 (8pm)
    USA/Canada (CST) 19:00 (7pm)
    USA/Canada (MST) 18:00 (6pm)
    USA/Canada (PST) 17:00 (5pm)

    You can check your time here

    This class is most suited for students in Australia, Singapore and USA/Canada.

    Maximum Class Size
    18 students

    Kit Colour Choices
    I will contact you after your registration to select the colour of your choice. Please note that all efforts will be made for you to receive the colour of your choice. However there may be a possibility that your choice could be sold out. I will contact you for an alternative colour should this occur.

    Please click here for more details on the project and colour options.

The Chatelaine's Heirloom Virtual Class Group 1

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