Longevity And Love

Longevity And Love

    The Chinese longevity symbol is the most revered among the five good fortune symbols -
    Good Luck, Prosperity, Longevity, Happiness, Wealth

    The “Shou” character has been stylized by many. One of the more recognizable images of this character is the narrow elongated “Shou” with elegant curving sides reflecting the strokes of the character. It is this version the “Shou” that the necklace uses as a design element.

    Chinese legend also has it that the butterfly is a symbol of the undying bond between lovers.
    Flitting happily from flower to flower, the butterflies signify the lovers celebrating their love with happiness and freedom.

    What can be more perfect than the unity of two very special and auspicious symbol together.

    Longevity & Love features a cubic right angle weave rope embellished with caged pearls. The caged pearls give the impression of traditional Chinese knots which are both ornamental as well as functional. Suspended from this rope is a beautiful howlite butterfly below which hangs a self-supporting “Shou” character in cubic right angle weave. The necklace is closed with a simple loop over an embellished pearl reminiscent of mysticism of the East.

    To the Chinese, it is very auspicious to have both these symbol on one self.
    Weave yourself a beautiful and elegant necklace using these age old symbols of longevity and love.
    Wear it to benefit from the blessings of longevity and love. 

  • Dimensions

    Inner Circumference : Up to 56 cm (22")
    Pendant Width : 3.5 cm (1.4")
    Pendant Height : 8 cm (3.1")

  • Technique

    Cubic Right Angle Weave

  • Difficulty



    Japanese Seed Beads
    Swarovski Crystal Pearls
    Howlite Butterfly Focal Bead


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Longevity And Love Materials Kit

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