The Renaissance Cuff

The Renaissance Cuff


The term “Renaissance” means “rebirth” and it was an important time of social and cultural change. The Renaissance itself, between the early 17th to late 19th century, spread throughout Europe like wildfire. New continents were discovered and along with them came the expansion of trade, increase in wealth and access to beautiful and rare materials and gemstones.

It was the age of patronage of wealthy noblemen and powerful families to arts, music, philosophy, sciences, poetry and architecture.

To show off their wealth, items of jewellery were especially prized; ornate and highly decorated with the rarest of gemstones. Many pieces featured large stones, with other jewels set around them. Some of the wealthy even wore rings set with gems on all five fingers.

The Renaissance Cuff is emblematic of the jewels of the era. A central sparkling crystal is surrounded by a ring of smaller glittering firepolished beads. The bracelet strap features more gem-like stones and luscious pearls woven into a complex design.

The flexible Prismatic and Cubic right angle weave is the mainstay of the cuff. This fine example of jewels of the Renaissance wraps itself around your wrist bringing you back to the bygone era of power, intrigue, mystery and jewels.


Length : 17.25cm (6.8"), Up to 20cm (7.9")

Focal Height : 5.25cm (2")

Strap Width : 3.5cm (1.4")