The Lady On The Moon (Retired)

The Lady On The Moon (Retired)


This workshop is now retired.

Once upon a long long time ago, Chinese legend has it there lived a beautiful hand maiden called Chang O, in the palace of the Jade Emperor in heaven where all the gods and good deities reside. All was well in this heavenly kingdom until one day when Chang O accidentally broke a valuable porcelain jar. As punishment, the Jade Emperor sent her to earth where the mortals live and until she has contributed valuable service to mankind, she could not return to Heaven.


Life on earth was peaceful until one day there appeared 10 suns in the sky making the earth very warm. Hou Yi, an expert archer from a neighbouring village stepped up and shot 9 arrows into the sky successfully vanquishing 9 of the 10 suns thus saving the earth.


Now Hou Yi is a rather greedy man and he craved immortality. He decided to embark on a long and perilous journey to seek the pill of immortality. He met the Queen Mother of the West who agreed to give him the pill, but warned him that he should not take it until he had prepared his body for it as it is very strong.


Hou Yi hid the pill in a secret box under his pillow. One day while Hou Yi was away from home, Chang O found the pill by accident. The pill looked just like a luminous pearl mesmerising Chang O with its beauty. She couldn’t help herself and swallowed the pill. Chang O found herself floating higher and higher into the sky until she reached the moon. Try as he might, Hou Yi found that he could not shoot his arrows at Chang O to bring her back to earth.


The Queen Mother of the West heard about what had happened gave Chang O a rabbit as companion, and an axe to cut the tree of immortality on the moon. Chang O was told that when the tree of immortality is cut down, then she will be allowed to go back to earth to continue on her mission of earning merits for the valuable service in order to go back to heaven.


Every time Chang O makes a cut, the tree heals itself. That was long, long time ago, and still the tree of immortality has not been cut down. Now, whenever there’s a full moon, if we happen to look up into the sky, we can still see the shape of the tree, and Chang O, who is still there cutting the tree with her rabbit for company.


A handmade face cabochon is surrounded by seed beads then wrapped in vibrant soutache braids. Embellished with Swarovski crystal pearls the pendant hangs from a single strand of elegant Swarosvki crystal pearls.