Ode To Imperial Consort Yang

Ode To Imperial Consort Yang


Her beauty is legendary. Her face ended a dynasty.

Was she an innocent or was she a femme fatale?


Yang Yu Huan or as she is more popularly known as Yang Gui Fei (杨贵妃) meaning prized consort was said to be born to a Sichuan official in 719AD. She first came to the attention of the great Emperor Xuan Zong when she was presented as the bride for his son. So enamoured was he by her beauty that he took her for his own and placed her into his imperial harem.


He was so besotted that spent all his time with her, granting her every wish and drew away from his duties. Crooked ministers and greedy courtiers soon took advantage of this. A foreign general, An Lu Shan, became a court favourite of Yang Gui Fei who obviously held great sway over the Emperor. He soon started a rebellion and took power. The Emperor was forced to abdicate his throne. Yang Gui Fei was said to either have been strangled by a eunuch or she hung herself from a silken rope.


So was she a tragic victim or a decadent diva who sowed the seeds to the downfall of an empire. We will never know. What is not in doubt is her beauty.


Ode to Imperial Consort Yang is a tribute to her famed beauty. Beautiful sparkling long oval rhinestones are bezelled and assembled over a graceful tassel. The tassel pendant is hung from a sinuous rope. The decorative double woven clasp of the rope can be worn in the front like a choker style necklace or as a traditional clasp at the back.


Maximum Length of Rope : 112cm (44")
Bail To Tassel : 17cm (6.75")