La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose


La Vie en Rose, a romantic French love song by the incomparable Edith Piaf. Also one of my favourite French songs that never fails to evoke beautiful memories of my times in France.


La Vie en Rose, literally translated to English is Life In Pink. Or a less literal translation life through rose tinted glasses. Given the trials and tribulations of the last 2 years humanity faced, I wanted to create something that would bring back the feeling of living life through rose tinted glasses. The feeling one gets when you fall in love. How the sun seems to shine brighter, the stars twinkle more sweetly, the grass is extra green.


That was exactly how I felt when these beautiful engraved glass doublet focals arrived at my doorstep. Immediately I found myself falling in love all over again with the art and materials of beading. I wanted to frame these beautiful glass doublets to show off the colours and engraving. The uniqueness of the doublets being as beautiful on the front as they are on the back. The way the light becomes beautifully prismatic and translucent as it passes through the fine engravings of the doublet, just literally like looking at life through rose tinted glasses.


La Vie en Rose is framed with peyote arches that radiate exactly from each of the axes of the engraving on the glass doublet, gently transforming it into an enormous flower with a glowing center. As the doublets are as beautiful on the back as they are on the front, a bezelled rivoli is placed on the back to not only serve as protection for the coating on the back of the doublet but as well as making the necklace reversible. Triple strands of twisted herringbone ropes are gathered together in a beaded bead cap to suspend the center.


La Vie en Rose.
May we all live life through rose tinted glasses always.

Designed for the 2022 Christmas Market Tour


Necklace Length : 50cm (19.5")
Pendant Width : 6cm (2.5")