Equestrian dressage invoke images of nobility, elegance, romance and the beautiful relationship of man with his horse. Saddlery is part and parcel of this beautiful and time honoured sport. Among this is the stirrup, a light frame or ring that holds the foot of a rider, attached to the saddle by a strap. Usually used as a pair and as an aid in mounting and a support while riding.


Just like the stirrup used by equestrians, the necklace features a stirrup as its centrepiece. A beautiful rectangular crystal sparkle as a pendant below the stylised stirrup. Unembellished and yet elegant, the crystal and the stirrup form the same beautiful relationship between the necklace and the wearer as the man with his horse.


A crystal embellished right angle weave rope appear almost the reins a rider uses to guide his horse through the ballet that is dressage. Two more pairs of stirrups provide further reinforcement to the equestrian theme.