Le Joyau de Versailles

Le Joyau de Versailles


Château de Versailles, home to three Kings of France, the court of France and seat of government, renown for not only its powerful inhabitants but also the beautiful French Baroque architecture and style. Characterized by complicated shapes, extravagant ornaments, opulent paintings and bold contrasts Versailles is not only the symbol of absolute French monarchy but also inspiration for many châteaux in Europe.


 And it is this beautiful château that inspired this jewel. A sparkling Swarovski cushion cut stone is surrounded and embellished with fire polished beads. Designed to resemble a buckle, it is hung from a rich, pliable and embellished flat rope which appear to slip seamlessly through the buckle.


 As extravagant and opulent as the style that inspired it, Le Joyau de Versailles is a luxurious necklace that would find its place in any royal court.