What are seed pods?

Seedpods are incredible vessels, tasked with protecting seeds as they mature and assisting with their dispersal.


“Seedpods are these amazing little packages of DNA but often they are overlooked.

People see them as the death of the flowers, but in fact they are the opposite: the future of the species.”

Anna Laurent, flora-focused writer, producer, and photographer (


The seed develops in a fertilized in the flower blossom and they grow and mature, protected from the elements by the seedpod. And when they are ready to become a plant, the pod bursts open spilling all the seeds, as far away as possible from the mother to ensure the survival of the new plant.


Our seedpods unlike the real seedpod, stay a pod forever. Tiny beads surround a core bead to form colourful little pods. A bunch of multi-coloured and multi-sized pods are hung from a 6 sided peyote bail. The pendant is then hung from a richly textured spiral rope.