The Shahbanu's Jewel

The Shahbanu's Jewel


Among the Imperial Crown Jewels of Iran is a unique diamond and emerald necklace that is noted for its perfect symmetry and mathematical precision combined with artistic beauty. It has become a living monument to the artistic skills of the jewelry designers of the distant past. The necklace undoubtedly belonged to the period of Fath Ali Shah who ruled Persia from the end of 18th century to the mid-19th century. It is this beautiful piece of Persian history that is the inspiration for The Shahbanu’s Jewel.


Shahbanu (in Persian: شهبانو‎ - Šahbānū) means "Lady of the Shah" in Persian. Often misunderstood to mean '"Empress" in translation into English, but the true Persian meaning does not have the “ruling” implication that the English word has.


The Shahbanu’s Jewel uses herringbone ropes that drapes magnificently on a woman’s décolletage. Beautiful sparkling crystals are encircled in tiny seed beads and further embellished with sparkling firepolished beads. More crystals form the joining points for the herringbone ropes giving the same symmetry and precision of the original jewel.


The Shahbanu’s Jewel – a necklace for an Empress.