The York Medallion

The York Medallion


A medallion, is, strictly speaking, a small, flat, and round piece of metal that has been sculpted, molded, cast, struck, stamped, or some way marked with an insignia, portrait, or other artistic rendering. A medal may be awarded to a person or organization as a form of recognition for sporting, military, scientific, academic, or various other achievements.


Medals or medallions may also be created to commemorate particular individuals or events, or as works of artistic expression in their own right. For their contribution to the kingdom of Beads, I have created this medallion in celebration of the 90th anniversary of York Beads and the York men. Happy Anniversary York Beads!


The York Medallion is a cubic right angle weave pendant of flowing curves surrounding a square framework. Within the square framework are 4 sparkling crystal chatons embellishing with sparkling firepolished beads.


Elaborate, luxurious and flamboyant, The York Medallion is a tribute to those who have given their whole lifes for our bead obsession. Thank you for your contribution..