Grecian Urn

Grecian Urn


In the beginning, civilizations spent their time consumed with just providing for their basic needs – food, water, shelter, and safety. However, when a civilization begins to mature, their needs grow beyond just surviving. Their thirst for beauty and art emerges.


The ancient Greeks were advanced for their time. They had fully functioning cities with far more conveniences than you would expect for an ancient civilization. Their architecture, art, and even everyday items were not only functional but beautiful and reflective of their values.


Grecian urns were pieces of art that were useful as well as beautiful. They were used to store food, water, and wine in.  Urns also held things like cosmetics, perfumes, and spices, or were used to transport things in.


The Grecian Urn is my homage to this love of beautiful functionality. The body of the urn is a large cotton pearl embellished with beautiful baroque cabochons that glints with the ephemeral sparkle of colour as it moves in the light. Twinkling firepolished beads are woven into the body to give depth and sparkle. A beautiful large rhinestone sits atop the urn. The urn itself is suspended off two adjustable ropes that terminates with a sparkling crystal.


Rope Length : 100cm (39")
Pendant Height : 7.5cm (3")