The Worry Vessel

The Worry Vessel


The Worry Vessel is a self-supporting container built entirely of seed beads. It is designed to be a modular project which can incorporate some or all of the various modules of the design. It is entirely up to the beader to decide which, how many and what order the modules are added. Two of the modules are designed to rotate around a central core. A lid topped with a crystal rivoli closes The Worry Vessel.


Learn to use thread tension to control the rigidity of the structure. Learn to increase and decrease peyote to give the structure contours. Learn to use colour placements and embellishments to create interesting variations to an otherwise plain background. Use Cubic Right Angle Weave incorporating sparkling fire polished beads to weave one of the two rotating modules. Use netting techniques to add pearls to the second of the rotating modules.


The Worry Vessel is designed not only be functional as a container for all that is precious. The rotating modules are also designed to be somewhat of a worry vessel, not unlike worry beads, allowing you to rotate them as you contemplate what your next beading project should be.


Height : 13.5cm (5.3")

Width : 10cm (3.9")