The Fabergé Vessel

The Fabergé Vessel


Peter Carl Fabergé was a Russian jeweller best known for the creation of the famous Fabergé eggs. Made using precious metals and gemstones, the eggs are an infinitely more luxurious evolution of the Easter eggs.


Between 1885 and 1917, he is believed to have created as many as 69 eggs but to-date only 57 of them are known to survive. The first Fabergé egg was created for Tsar Alexander III who wanted to give his wife the Empress Maria Feodorovna an Easter egg possibly to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their betrothal.


The Fabergé Vessel is inspired by these exquisite Easter eggs. It is an egg-shaped self-supporting vessel made entirely out of seed beads. Embellished with sparkling crystal, Czech fire polished and cabochons, the Vessel is topped with a dome shaped lid that opens to a cavity for all your precious keepsakes.


Height : 10cm (4")

Width : 8.25cm (3.25")